A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Game controls:

The game can be played wither with the keyboard or the joystick. In both cases you need to mouse for some minor actions.


- Q/Cross= Attack

- Spacebar/Circle = Jump

- 1/Triangle = Samerai technique

- E/Square = Dash

- I/Start = Inventory (pause)

Use the mouse to equip new equipment (drag and drop), save and load game states and to select the game state. Game state can be selected by pressing the "Circle" button on the joystick. 

Mobile controls are included in the report within the project folder.

I am sorry for the bad quality of the video of the trailer, but I realised too late about the ad banner.

The apk and the exe file are within the project folder. I hope you enjoy it :D


This game is currently unavailable


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Hi, the game is actually there. For some reason it does not appear on the overview page, but you can find the file on the submission page. 

Hey there, I am a judge for these game jams and I am rating all the games submitted, yours is one of the few that I have yet to judge because there are no files submitted.  If you are still able to upload a game even if it is not finished yet I would recommend you do it when you can because at the moment I only have the video to go on and so far from this I can see it looks pretty good.  I hope I get to play the game.  Don't forget documentation too if possible.